'Social Climbers' Koala Wine Markers

Fred & Friends Social Climbers Koala Wine Markers



‘SOCIAL CLIMBERS’ KOALA WINE MARKERSYou’re at a party. You’re dancing and chatting and having a wonderful time. And then you go to take a sip of your tasty beverage and… shock horror! Your rose has gone rouge; your Moet has mosey’d; your cocktail has high-tailed. Whatever’s a girl to do when every time you turn your back your drink makes tracks? Keep a grip on your glass with ‘Social Climbers’ Wine Markers, the mar-SIP-ial way to keeping wayward wine glasses and cavorting cocktails here to stay. This collection of six koala markers in contrasting colours wrap around the stem of your glass making it easy to locate your drink no matter what state you and your friends are in. When the party gets wild ensure you never confuse your booze or wonder whose drink is whose ever again. FEATURES Clings securely to the stem of your glass Contrasting colours make it easy to locate your drink Perfect Australiana gift  SPECIFICATIONS Colours: Pink, Blue, Purple, Grey, Brown and Black Materials: Rubber/Silicone Dimensions: 3.1 x 1.5 x 1.4 cms