Polaroid Now+ i-Type Camera - Blue Grey


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The technical details behind this camera
Step up the way you shoot instant photos using the Polaroid Now+ i-Type Camera – Blue Grey.
This camera features a field of view of 40-degree horizontal and 41-degree vertical and an auto-switching hyperfocal optical system with a 102.35mm standard lens and a 94.96mm close-up lens.
Moreover, it adopts an auto-adjust output vacuum discharge tube strobe system for its flash.
This camera is made with durable polycarbonate and ABS plastic materials for a durable outer shell, and it can operate in temperatures between 4 and 38 degrees Celsius.
Furthermore, this camera is compatible with certain Android smartphones and iPhones when pairing with the Polaroid mobile app.

Easy connectivity
This camera lets you pair with most Android phones with Nougat Android OS, or Android7, or higher or with iPhones with iOS 13 or higher.
This pairing allows users to experiment with different exposure techniques, such as setting double exposure, trying light painting, and even set the camera to manual mode via the Polaroid app.

Simple charging
The Polaroid Now+ i-Type Camera – Blue Grey does not require complicated procedures to charge and operate.
This camera allows you to charge its high-performing lithium-ion battery using a micro USB charger.
With a charged camera, a loaded film, and a push on the power button, you are off to shooting your creative instant photos.

Flex your creativity
Experiment with your shots as the Polaroid Now+ i-Type Camera – Blue Grey brings the creativity shots to a new level.
This camera includes a lens filter kit that allows you to shoot instant photos with a filter.
It features five experimental lens filters that can be stored in the included pouch.

Key Features

Auto-Adjust Output Vacuum discharge tube strobe system
Auto switching hyperfocal optical system
Lens filter kit with five different lens types
Connect to create with the Polaroid mobile app
Top three reasons we think you will love this camera

Easy to use
Auto focal switch

Polaroid Now+ i-Type Camera – Blue Grey
USB charging cable
Neck strap
Quick Start Guide
Safety & Compliance Booklet
Lens Filter Kit
Our expert’s opinion
The Polaroid Now+ i-Type Camera – Blue Grey is an upgraded version of the Polaroid Now with some features adopted from the 2018 OneStep+.
From the power button to film lodging and indicators, this camera provides a simple yet a bit modern approach, somehow similar to the Polaroid Now, but with an added Bluetooth pairing button.
Moreover, in terms of functionality, this camera lets users be more in control and creative with the Polaroid app and an included filter kit.
It has a quick AF, perfect for those who are trying out the Polaroid camera range.
It also has a tripod mount for steady and long exposures.
It also allows users to do more experimentation, pushing them to be more creative for an instant masterpiece.

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