Elinz Forward View Reversing Camera 120 degree No Cable


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4PIN Heavy Duty 12/ 24V CCD IR Reversing Camera Forward View 120 SKU: RV4PINFWR CCD Image Sensor from SHARP The reversing cameras feature a CCD image sensor from the Sharp company for better picture clarity, colour contrast, and sharpness. They also have night vision as each camera comes 18 individual infrared LED to enable users to see clear images, even at night or in low light conditions. Tough and Heavy Duty This camera is built and designed to last. In addition, each camera comes in a hard metal case. Because it is waterproof and mud proof, it can withstand abuse and be exposed to the elements for an extended period of time. The reversing camera is shock resistant, too, so it can withstand strong vibrations without affecting picture quality. Forward View Camera Lets you see images in forward view. This basically means that when you use the camera to record what's in front or even at the back of your vehicle, you'll see the objects in their original places or position. 120 Degree Wide Angle Viewing This new line of reversing camera features a 120-degree viewing angle so it does not produce fish-eye view. When you look at the images being displayed on the monitor, it is as if you're looking at the images being reflected on your vehicle's rear view mirror.

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