4 PIN Heavy Duty Caravan CCD IR Colour Reversing Camera

Elinz 4 PIN Heavy Duty Caravan CCD IR Colour Reversing Camera



Heavy Duty Night Vision IR 4 PIN CCD 12V/24V Eyeball Reversing Camera for Trucks/ Caravans/ Buses New model bigger and more powerful leds for night vision Colour: White For satisfying customer demands Eyeball Reversing camera now comes with 12 LEDs that gives you clearer vision at night 120 degree Wide angle viewing helps avoid accidents & injuries Colour infrared night vision waterproof CCD reverse camera Suitable for use with trucks/ caravans/ cars etc. Thanks to this heavy duty CCD crystal clear 12/24-volt applicable reverse camera Clear view day or night 10M advanced 4 PIN cable. Allowing the monitor to power up the camera no need to connect another power cable to camera* *Please note that this camera can only be used with a monitor with 4PIN connector. 7″” Monitor Reverse Camera Kit is also available separately from our store if interested please click here . NOTE: This reversing camera is compatible to PAL monitor only most monitors currently in the market will auto switch between PAL and NTSC mode please check to see whether your monitor can take PAL reversing camera. The CCD image sensor (made by SHARP company) outputs digital signals that has better picture’s clarity color contrasting and sharpness than CMOS camera with its 12 individual Infrared (IR) LED it shows clear images in low light especially at night circumstances. This heavy duty CCD camera is hard metal cased waterproof and mud proof. Can last for longer without heating up so you can show the rearview at all time. *Please note that a 10 meter video cable is included in the sale extra length video cable is available for purchase please contact us for details.